About Bikasa


Have the courage to make your world a BIKASA world...


With a bold philosophy towards color, textures and a unique sense of design, the Mexican-born owner of Bikasa, Karen Frid, has created a cheerful line of products and an innovative color and material consultation service helping you achieve your design goals. Ms. Frid has an academic background including two masters' degrees in Latin American History and has directly worked with indigenous people throughout the Americas. Growing up in a family of architects, she has been exposed from an early age to appreciate art, design and culture. Through Bikasa, Ms. Frid draws from these experiences to create unique lifestyle products infused with significance.


Celebrating the diversity of world cultures and using a broad palette of color possibilities, Bikasa Designs creates eclectic atmospheres and products.



What We Do


Consulting and design services
Let Bikasa bring life to your next project! We offer consulting services to help you reach your goals on budget.


Home products and custom accessories
Bikasa offers products that can be customized to your needs, or you can select from our one-of-a-kind line.








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