Consulting Services: Bikasa Designs works with a variety of clients to provide color, design and material consulting services, helping them create enchanting and unique environments.


With a broad background in History, Art and Architecture, we can help you find the right colors, materials and style for a particular era or period. If you want to re-create your environment and bring joyful surroundings and a unique touch to your home or office we can guide you through the process to have a truly inspirational space.


Our services range from advising on exterior and interior design elements, textures and utilization of space and light. We can help you to choose and source fabrics, wallpaper and accessories.


Custom Accessories


Bikasa Designs can help you produce customized accessories, such as pillows, ottomans, bedcovers, and other home accents for the ultimate final touch. Best of all, we can help you achieve flair without breaking your budget.



Bikasa Home Products proudly presents a line of unique home furnishings and home merchandise integrating modern design with Mexican flair.


Our products incorporate traditional hand-made textiles, vibrant colors and a variety of textures, achieving an inspirational eclectic style.


Some of the artisanal products are made with Tenangos (astenangos): hand embroidered and brocade fabrics crafted by the Otomi indian women from the State of Hidalgo, Mexico. The patterns, usually of flowers and animals, are inspired by their surroundings. These old traditions by the Otomis of embellishing and crafting their own clothing is being transported today into stylish home products. These beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces are complemented by trim and lush fabric.


Others incorporate the mexican rebozo: a woman's garment used all over Mexico and all hand-made. Rebozos can be worn as scarves or shawls, and women often use them to carry children and items. Rebozos have been used by Mexicans for over 300 years.







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